Privacy Policy

Users are not required to provide personal information to simply visit the website or to download information. To enter this secure site you will need your vehicle’s license plate number and the unique password that is located on your violation you received by mail. The site may collect certain statistical information about visits to the site; for example the number of logins by date. collects, retains, and uses personal information only where it is lawful and is essential to administer and provide services or opportunities requested by a constituent via the internet site. It is the policy to avoid the display of personal information on the website to the fullest extent possible.
Refund Policy

When the City makes the determination that an overpayment has occurred, the City will initiate a process to remit the appropriate refund. You may contact Customer Service at (866)-247-8157 for information regarding specific refund activity. Refund Policy If the Automated Enforcement Division determines that any payment in excess of the amount due was paid to or collected, the Automated Enforcement Division within thirty days of the determination will initiate a process to remit the appropriate refund. Payment will be credited to original credit card. 

Please note: A convenience fee will be added to all online, telephone payments and Western Union payments. Please perform only one payment per violation. If you have any difficulties, call our Automated Enforcement Division Toll Free Number. DO NOT make a second attempt to pay online. We are not responsible for bank fees or other charges incurred by you as a result of your failure to follow these instructions. The convenience fee is not refundable.

Amount Due:    As specified on your last Notice of Violation or Uniform Traffic Citation

Convenience Fee: 
   Depends on the form of payment.

Contact Information

You may contact the Automated Enforcement Division at (866)-247-8157 with any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, Refund Policy or any other questions regarding your Notice of Violation of the Automated Enforcement Program.
You may also write to:
Automated Enforcement Division  
PO Box 593095
Orlando, FL 32809-3095